Our God is greater … 

Lyme sucks y’all. Gosh it sucks really really bad. Really bad. 

If you know someone with Lyme I want you to go hug them … gently … and if you can’t go hug them gently then send them a text and let them know your thinking about them because it’s really awful. Just awful. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy seriously. 

I know I’ve been in and out lately with these posts but lately I’ve just have felt like ish or felt decent enough to get something done and I’ve done it and mentally writing and or reading just isn’t there for me right now. Sad right?! I cried tears over it yesterday. No writing or reading is sad. I do write a lot of blog post in my head when I lay awake most nights I just never write them down because I’m afraid of waking the best part of me … my rock, you know … Danny. 🙂 

Ok so this post might be here and there but I wanted to do a quick update and just ask you to pray. Things are just hard right now but we had a follow up visit yesterday with the Lyme specialist and feel more prepared then ever to keep fighting. 

So we walk in and see a new dr. Yes brand new! Do you know that I have an issue with new drs? I don’t like having to start the process all over and try to trust someone again. 

But you know what we were not alone the Lord was there with us and He seriously just walked us through that appointment. And then you know what she did … she didn’t say your just depressed, see psych … she didn’t brush us off or just add yet another medicine to try and treat my symptoms…she got real quiet and looked Danny and I in the eye and said … “Your sick … your really sick” 

Gosh I let out a breathe and about started crying right there. Even with the previous dr we were seeing she was sweet and nice but never validated what essentially we are going through. Never like that. It just felt good and encouraged us and like she could see us fighting and she wanted to join in. 

So basically detoxing is gonna be a lot of our focus for a month or two. I should feel better longer then a few days and this will help clear all the yuck that these antibiotics are killing off out of my system. 

So she pumped me full of some antioxidants/free radical stuff … 

did a ton of labs. Apparently my veins were “rolling” never been told that before. I think they just got nervous once Danny told them I was a nurse. Anyway they stuck me 5 times!!! Boo hoo to that. 

Then our dr put a new plan together. One that will hopefully get me on the right track. The goal being that I feel exactly the same while on and off antibiotics and the same being good not bad. And let me tell you we are ready for that. But it’s gonna take time. It’s gonna take detoxing and resting and eating better well eating being the key I’ve felt so crummy eating is hard for me then add in a no sugar gluten free dairy free diet and I’m ready to just go back to bed. 

As I was still taking it all in this morning my mind was going straight to the hard work it’s gonna be. I mean it is. It’s gonna be work. All this detoxing multiple ways keeping that straight. Adding a bunch of supplements to help with that and the money it’s gonna cost, my mind was spinning that wheel this morning and you know what song came on the radio … this one … 

And He whispered down and reminded me that He is greater. He is stronger. He is higher then any other. He is healer. Awesome in power. Our God. Yes. Our God. 

And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us? Certainly not money, certainly not Lymes disease. And if our God is with us, then what could stand against? Nothing. No one. 

Maybe you need that reminder today … I sure did. Will you pray for me for us as we continue this fight? 

We have a renewed hope in this process but a renewed and strengthened hope in “Him who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be the glory… forever and ever! Amen.” 

Ephesians 3:20-21 


3 thoughts on “Our God is greater … 

  1. Andrea! I just happened upon your blog from a google search… Long story short, Isis passed away Friday and as I perusing through old pictures, I happened upon pictures of you, Danny, and Copper. Anyway, I was thinking about you and wondering what you were up to. From reading your blog it looks like you’ve been through quite a bit. Thoughts and prayers for your strength and unwavering faith. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and great start to 2017. My email is kpenczek @ gmail.com, I’d love to catch up! Hugs!


  2. I am praying that since you haven’t posted in a while it’s because you are having good days that are equalling to good weeks and months. I do miss your blog, but I pray you are on your way to complete healing and haven’t had time to post because you are enjoying life again!


    1. Thank you for leaving a comment Dawn. December was really good but January and February have been really hard. Thank you for the prayers. I woke up with some renewed hope today so I am thankful for that. ❤


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