the promise still stands… 

“Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever” 

Psalm 23:6

So I’ve been reading this book … slowly but surely. In between headaches but this is my week off of meds so I’ve been reading a little more. 

Anyways, I’ve been reading this book … 

I reserved it at the library and waited, gosh so long to get it but I finally got it and then proceeded to quickly order it on Amazon because it was already teaching me things I need to have in my hand permanently mine to mark up and refer back to later. 

I’ve decided to start saving to buy books again. Good books. Jesus books. Memoir books. I’m in a frustrated place with reading fiction right now. It’s just all bad. Not all bad or bad for you maybe but bad for me. I don’t want to fill my mind with bad words of trash that will just lead me into negative or harmful thinking. And so after reading a few books and getting part way through then having to put them down I’m at the point of frustration and I’m back to buying good books again. 

A lot of the books I’m referring to are books written by IF:Gathering people that I know their background and story and know it will be a book of substance. 

Anyways … back to the point. What was the point… 😬 

Oh ok so this book I’m reading had this bible verse in it, the one above. And she went on to explain how it’s based on what David knows to be an unchanging truth. That there aren’t many sure things of this world right?? It’s constantly changing and letting us down. Buy gods love and goodness are two things that we can ABSOLUTELY count on to be there with us … to follow us. 

That world follow in Hebrew is radaph, meaning “to pursue” or “chase.” (I am getting this all from that book , I am totally not smart enough to know Hebrew 😂) Gods goodness and love will run after us … will follow us … will chase us … will pursue us … all the days of our lives. How 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 is that??? 

I just think that is life changing. Momentum changing. To actually sit and ponder that the Lord is chasing after me makes me smile. Encourages me. And he doesn’t quit chasing after me just because I have a bad week or lose sight of Him. No. He keeps chasing. He keeps pursuing. 

And in those times when I feel distant or I lose track when I do come back to Him, y’all He tastes just as sweet. His love is just as strong. I have to tell you a story that illustrated this so well for me … 
So you know those bags of chocolate that have the Herseys milk chocolate and dark chocolate and chocolate with rice crispies in them and the ones with the little shaved nuts? Well I had some left over from a get together we did. Well my diet consists of gluten free dairy free as little sugar as possible and I was having a weak moment. 

Dark chocolate is my weakness. I ❤ it. And I used to eat the dark chocolate bars out of this bag all the time at work. Well one afternoon I couldn’t resist and I ate one. Because they are so delicious and amazing and mmmm I hadn’t had one in so so long. 

But you know what y’all?? It wasn’t even that good!!! Seriously it wasn’t. Like not at all. 

But then the Lord whispered something to me…He’s is just as good now as He was in the past. He doesn’t loose His taste or flavor or desire. I don’t know if this is making sense. But do you know what I mean? When we have lost hope or we have wandered away from the Lord for a little bit He’s just as good as He ever was when we return to Him. 

This life is hard. Gosh it’s hard. There is suffering all around us. But the Lord is there in it all. We have to work to see and hear and feel Him. When we do that we will feel His pursuing of us … chasing after us. 

So get in His word. Listen to good Jesus loving music. There is so many songs out right now based on scripture. Fill your mind and heart with things of Him. 
It takes work but man is it worth it. It’s helped me find my hope again. It’s helped me plant my feet in Him and when things get hard, when all these negative things are staring you in the face…remember His truths. Repeat them to yourself over and over again. And when you don’t know what to say or pray or you can’t find any truths to remember just says His name. Say Jesus. Repeat Jesus to yourself. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. 

I heard this quote and it’s in a song I’ll put it below for you. Listen to it. But it said…even in all this messy brokenness of this world “the promise still stands”. The promise still stands. His promise still stands. I mean. Y’all. 

Ok I’m crying. And I feel like I just as my hubby would say … preached, but I hope you don’t feel like I just spat words out at you. These words are words I need reminded of daily even more sometimes … ok all the time…all the time. 

Remember … You are loved. 
Thanks Aunt Ashley for introducing me to this song … ❤

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