Me … Do I really have to talk about me??? I really don’t like to … And have no idea where to start or what to say or grrrrrr…..   I just don’t know y’all!!!  

 So this … This picture above expresses what I strive to be but I’m a sinner and reality is, it doesn’t happen. So I guess I’ll start at the basics … I am just a broken sinner who serves an amazing savior who I call my rock rock … I have an amazing hubby who I call my rock and we have two gifts from God who are our children and one lovable but completely obsessed over a tennis ball yellow lab. Yet even with all those blessing I still struggle and am still learning who I am, who God is, how he could possibly love me and what the heck He is doing with my life. 

And this … You know this … This whole blog thing isn’t me, it’s not me at all really. It started as I layed in a hospital bed with many questions and no answers. Although I am not in a hospital bed anymore, I still live with unanswered questions and not knowing what the next day will bring. Even in all that I’m thankful for it. I’m grateful, I’ve learned so much through it and I only have one explanation for it … Jesus. He has blessed me with words and time to not only share of my struggles, my triumphs, my journey but to also share a whole lot of Him with you! His love and goodness and power and sovereignty and did I say love? But also to share how he has slowly begun to open my eyes to seeing and hearing him in my life. I never thought I would have a blog or enjoy writing or put myself out there but my rock (my hubby) suggested it so here I am … And I am thankful for it … And somehow it just comes out … It does-it’s the Holy Spirit I know but it just comes out and I’m thankful, grateful, humble for what the Lord is doing in my life. 

Shew there … I guess that wasn’t too painful … Was it? Did it even make sense … I hope so. Anyways this is my journey, painful sometimes, great other times but in the end God is showing me everyday through this that He is always good. 

I wish I could share a cup of coffee with you and tell you about the book I’m reading and hug you and love on you and pray with you and just sit beside you but for now this will have to do. 

~You are Loved~


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